About Us 

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"Information is not knowledge.  The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom." 

- Albert Einstein

The Lexington Group can quickly assess your company's needs, design & propose a solution, and then implement the solution with no wasted effort. For over 25 years, our guiding principle has been simple...if we are not saving our client time and money, we have failed! 

Our team of associates and strategic partners provide a broad spectrum of skills, talents and above all, experience. Each of the principal partners and associates has at least 25 years experience in their fields.  As the quote above indicates, experience equals knowledge.

              Selected Clients & Associated Projects

  • Detroit Diesel Corporation (customer service study & business development)
  • MCI International, Inc. (new product business & marketing plans - NEWCO planning)
  • Worthington Industries, Inc. [JMAC, Inc.] (product study & evaluation for NEWCO)
  • JMAC, Inc. (market & focus group studies - market entry planning)
  • MSV, Inc. & ABI, LLC (merger plan, asset liquidation, product plan & NEWCO startup)
  • Career Education Corporation (business development market studies)
  • Turbonique, Inc. (capital development plan & product marketing plan)
  • Creative Mobile Interiors, Inc. (marketing materials development)
  • Marathon Coach, Inc. (joint venture business plan & new product plan)
  • Transit Marketing Group (website & marketing materials development)
  • Irwin Seating Company (market studies & asset purchase - market/product entry plan)
  • Irwin Holdings (NEWCO startup & staffing - rail & bus transit market development)
  • Irwin Transportation Seating, Inc. (brokered & negotiated sale of seating business unit)
  • TMS, Inc. (public transit seating & defense industry business development consulting)
  • Recaro Automotive North America, Inc. (rail transit product & business development)
  • Multina Integra, Inc. (rail transit product & business development)
  • BAE Platform Solutions, Inc. (public & private rail market product & market development)
  • Simona Boltaron Inc. (transportation product development, testing and marketing)
  • Marchi Mobile GmbH (market entry study & FMVSS certification for private motor-coach)
  • Adient Commercial Seating, plc (public & private transit product & business development)